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In Omaha again, single again, looking for a job, starting over.
starting over 12-18-07 10:16
the smell, familiar enough that I can sink in and not feel strangely about being here. quiet enough that I can attach my own memories to it.

that sounded better in my head last night.

I had a dream that someone broke into my apartment while I was away. They took the TV and DVD player, the only things of real value I left over the break. Oh, and all of my plates.
05-16-07 21:48
all that jazz 05-03-07 18:37
The last run of Chicago (the musical) was last weekend. I went all three days. Benny's voice teacher and I would gossip during intermission. On Sunday at the matinee when she saw me she said we were both gluttons for Benny.

I really got excited when I found out no one would kick me out for taking pictures.
04-16-07 17:48
earlier this week my roommate broke a glass in our bathroom. later in the evening I stepped on a piece that had found it's way into the shower. I probably should have gotten stitches, but it was like midnight, and I had class in the morning so I just wrapped it up real good and went to bed.

I've been hobbling around on it all week, I guess it's my karma for not getting stitches. I don't get pain killers, and I found myself changing the wrap everyday.

and it seems somehow fitting that I would be assigned to help a girl in my IPI class who is hanging Plexiglas 30 feet in the air.
I [heart] polaroids 04-09-07 17:27
From Bad Decision Thursday.

Myself and Benny, this started out as something else, but turned into a piggy-back-ride of sorts.

Brandon and Kieran

Drew and Kieran

Benny and I being samies.

Chelsea on the floor

Drew's tattoo
the end
-capturing video makes me feel ill.

David Stout wants a 3 minute doc cut by tuesday for "THE PRESS" and from where I'm sitting (between a dying hard drive, and final cut that doesn't love me any more) things look pretty bleak.

Good thing tonight was bad decision Thursday.
withdraw 04-04-07 00:05
for my final in animation I'm going to use a bunch of the images I took while in Morocco, and fabricate a fictional story around said images. but I'm having a hard time separating myself from reality long enough to fictionalize it. too many cool people.

the press are coming in a week to see my exhibit in the MOV-in gallery. I'm terrified.
so I've finally remembered my password... wait.

Yesterday (April Fools day) my boyfriend and I changed our facebook "status" to engaged. It was all a ploy to one-up last years April fools joke (Benny calling his parents and telling them he got me pregnant), being as both of our mothers are teachers and have facebook. I don't know if I'm more weirded out that people actually believed it, or that for a moment my mother panicked.

I got home from Casablanca last Monday, and I'm still not in the groove of things yet. The festival was an amazing experience, but it's so nice to be home. :)

Desert Shoot 03-04-06 20:11
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Midterms are Monday. Everyone (well, my everyone) is leaving for break next weekend. And I shall be here, working, until they return.

My prints are due monday. and I've hit a wall.

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